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In the last five years we have worked together to deliver sustainable development to the people of North Mawokota, therefore, I seek to consolidate the achieved success as highlighted in my 2016-2021 manifesto.

  • Youth Development

  • Extension of clean piped water

  • Extension of electricity

  • Promotion of cooperative socities

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Emancipation or Feminism

On 2nd April, 2016 as a member of the Uganda Women’s Parliamentary Association (UWOPA), I attended the International Women’s Day function held at Hotel Africana. Before I delve further into my experience that day, I should explain that UWOPA is a body that was established during the...

Women’s Day 2016

Birthday Girl arrived home with her entourage of young, vibrant, beautiful ladies! The house was filled with sounds of laughter and happiness!  Although, I was still nursing my guilt for not having been able to attend the National Women's Day function at Kololo Airstrip; the arrival of this...